Smart Future Tools are fictional objects that express ideas about future uses of technologies

They are the result of 1-day introduction to design fiction workshop. It offers the participants a chance to discuss future scenarios through fictional objects, product/ service as if it already existed or had occurred so we can learn how to innovate and create new opportunities.

Why making Design Fiction?

Informing/anticipating new products and services (innovation process) by thinking about new possibilities

Build a new organizational culture / society (what will we become? what should we become/do?)

Build a vision, communicate it, debate about it (or: check a vision and its relevance)

Build a path towards this vision, set priorities for today which can make a preferable future attainable

Using design fiction to foster a critical forward-thinking discussion between students

Summer 2019, in a single day workshop, 47 students from the China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) programme and 16 students from the Hong Kong Design Insitute had to work together to imagine possible and impossible products for 2025. Starting with selected instances, they imagined a potential evolution of given trends and derivated human needs. The goal of this edition was to foster conversation between students while stimulating imagination and critical thinking. This workshop is our initial prototype testing of the open source Smart Future method.

Smart Future is a collaborative and open source design education project. If you want to join us and run your own, contact us!

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