Your home, your cocoon, your hologram

New solutions need to be created for people who make room-sharing. What if more than one people use the same room at different times of the day? How can the same room feel at home?


Percentage of the Hong Kong population that shares a single room with other people.


Shifts of people for a single room in 24h frame.


Average size of the rooms.

Feel at home everywhere with APPA, a portable hologram projector that gives you a feeling of home.

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APPA® projects a hologram which covers up the 6m2 room with the customized outlook of your room.

Thanks to different kinds of perfume installed inside APPA®, everywhere will feel like home.

When the renting time is over, sunrise will be projected, the smell and hologram will be switched off.

After 8 hours, personal holograms and perfumes are switched off to conserve the consumables and supply for the next booking periods.

Feel home package

HK$ 588

Per Week
  • APPA® Access
  • 3 different Holograms (from our library)
  • 12ml of perfume (synthetized from your preferences)
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